Welcome to my blog! I have no clear-cut plan or reasoning for this, I'm pretty much just winging it like everything else in life. Enjoy!



Howah. Went off there for a minute about advocating for a community and the land.


Just some morning thoughts while listening to spring peepers, rain, and birds outside my open window.


Ozhitaan! Agwajiing giga-izhaamin!


A summary of some thoughts I've had about sending Ningozis to school (pre- and mid-pandemic).


"Here they are - the goals that no one asked for..."

Gaawiin ningikendanziin (Idk)

Whether you are a teacher, a caregiver, or just a human being in general - this is my challenge to you.

Nimino-ayaa na?

Miss Haley having (and working on accepting) all the feelings.


Pretty much a vent session.

For Ages 0 and Up

Just me summing up my experience on learning through play - no matter your age

After Further Review...

A little reflection on "classic" literature and what I'm striving to have my library reflect.

Staying Sane in Quarantine

A little blurb about how we are spending our time and shifting the focus when necessary.

The Mindless Scroll

A slight shift in how I spend my downtime has me re-evaluating life and how I want to spend it.

Kid, You'll Move Mountains

"You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose." -Dr.Seuss

In My Element...

Yooo I fell off for quite a while but I'm back with a coffee adventure-inspired photo journal.

Child vs. Wild

Why I find it important to battle the lack of nature-based experiences in childhood, and life in general.


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